2022 Executive Board

GPB Chapter President

Graycelin Hare (she/her)

Chapter President

Why GPhi?
I wanted to surround myself with women who empower me to be a better version of myself every day. Through the laughs and the tears, I know there is always someone to support me and help me grow.

Favorite GPhi Memory?
Driving to a park for sunset blaring music and singing at the top of my lungs with my forever friends!

GPB Administrative Vice President

Alli Schnebele (she/her)

Administrative Vice President

Why GPhi?
When I was going through recruitment I was instantly drawn to the genuine and fun girls who made me feel so comfortable. All the girls I was able to meet in that week were people I had already started to look up to and aspired to be. I am so thankful for this house and the amazing role models, memories and best friends it has brought me!

Favorite GPhi Memory?
My favorite Gphi Memory was one night when me and some girls in my PC decided to have a movie night on one of the decks. We brought out a projector, our mattresses and some snacks to watch a movie and have a sleepover!

GPB Education Vice President

Grace Lewis (she/her)

Education Vice President

Why GPhi?
I never thought I would want to be in a sorority, so during recruitment I just kind of went in with the thought process that if I didn’t like recruitment I’d drop. From the first day of recruitment, I fell in love with the GPhi core values and talked to girls in such a meaningful and powerful way. I knew I wanted to be a GPhi from round 1 of recruitment freshman year. GPhi has really helped me grow as a woman and a leader, and I’ll be forever thankful for that.

Favorite GPhi Memory?
My favorite GPhi memory was bid day 2021. Our seniors slept in the porch and woke us all up at 5 am so we could hear the bid list. Everyone had so much energy and adrenaline the whole day I’ve truly never experienced anything like it.

GPB PR Vice President

Audrey Sander (she/her)

Public Relations Vice President

Why GPhi?
I chose Gphi because I felt like every girl in the house was embraced for their individuality and what makes them unique but they connected over the things they value and hold close to their heart. I felt like I could truly be myself in this house and that I would be surrounded by girls who would make me grow into the woman I want to be.

Favorite GPhi Memory?
My favorite Gphi memory was the first night I moved into the house when Abbie and Addie and me hung out in crescent just laughing and talking until 3 am. I immediately felt so seen and comfortable and I knew I had found the place where I would make genuine, lifelong friendships.

GPB Membership Vice President

Ellie Hess (she/her)

Membership Vice President

Why GPhi?
I chose GPhi because it was the place that I felt the most loved and supported.

Favorite GPhi Memory?
My favorite GPhi memory is when I was studying abroad and a lot of girls from our pc were able to meet up in Budapest for the weekend!

GPB Financial Vice President

Emily Ludden (she/her)

Finance Vice President

Why GPhi?
I felt so loved and immediately looked up to the amazing women I met at GPhi. I wanted to grow into the women I met and I knew GPhi was the place I would grow the most surrounded by loving, confident and inspiring women like them.

Favorite GPhi Memory?
Traveling to Florida Freshmen year for Spring break with a group of girls in my PC!

GPB Panhellenic Vice President

Pontea Sabi (she/her)

Panhellenic Vice President

Why GPhi?
I chose Gphi because of how comfortable everyone was in their skin. I could sense that these were women that looked to empower each other and now after being in the house I continue to feel uplifted everyday by the courage and vulnerability all members radiate. I am beyond lucky.

Favorite GPhi Memory?
My favorite Gphi memory is driving around u district with my friends and blasting music with all the windows down!!